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Nachtmusik - 9 pieces for Oboe, Cello and Piano

Nachtmusik was written in 1995 in Weimar; it was commissioned by my colleagues and friends Reinhard Wolschina, Axel Schmidt, and Marie Luise Ewald, who founded a trio of unique instrumental combination: piano, oboe, and cello: “Trio PianOvo". The remarkable virtuosity and musicality of this ensemble, together with the enchanting mix of timbres, were a powerful source of inspiration for this piece.

In the years that I lived in Weimar I developed the habit of taking long late night walks along the Ilm river. Nachtmusik came as a result of these.

In 1997, after moving to Boston, I revised the piece; this time I was taking midnight walks along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean…

Nachtmusik has had a lucky destiny; it has been performed many times in Germany, Finland, Switzerland, and the USA; it has been broadcast on radio programs, released on CD, and also published by Musikverlag Hans Sikorsky of Hamburg.

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