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St. Louis Chamber Chorus concert yields great new work

01.21.2010; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 


Review of December 19th, 2010 concert of the featuring world premiere of "The Garden of Roses".

"Garden" was a complete triumph. Sung in Russian, it invoked both Russian Orthodox liturgical music and the Russian Romantic tradition but without being slavish to either, for a complex, winning whole. 

st-luis-choir 2.jpg

St.Louis Chamber Chorus finds its Slavic Soul

02.22.2010; St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Saint Louis Post-Dispatch music critic Sarah Bryan Miller reviews concert of Saint Louis Chamber Chorus during which featured premiere performance of Psalmus XXVII.


Stella del Nostro Mar

01.01.2008; Glossa Music


CD Release. Past and Present Reflections of Marian Inspirations.

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Man Ray meets the Beastie Boys at RISD

09.10.2007; Brown Daily Herald 


Review of the Rhode Island School of Design's Exhibition MUSIC VIDEO/SILENT FILM Innovations in the Moving Image, featuring screening of Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera with live music improvisation by Yakov Gubanov....


ICA offers a unique mix of musical cultures

11.12.2004; by Kevin Lowenthal, Boston Globe Correspondent  

Review of Cultural Constructions Concert at Institute of Contemporary Art


The big picture

01.16.2003; The Harvard Gezette


"Cinema has only one disadvantage. There is no unpredictability, so there is always a curtain between the audience and the screen. But when the pianist comes, he unlocks the door between past and present. He acts as a bridge." -Y.G.

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